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Nuts or Pretzels: Which is the Best Bar Food?

Nuts and pretzels are ubiquitous bar foods, but which one is really the best accompaniment for your drink? The answer isn’t quite as easy to come by as you may think. Here is a look at the battle for bar snack domination.

How did nuts and pretzels become the bar foods of choice?

It is not an accident that nuts and pretzels adorn bars across the world instead of candy or other sweet treats. Salty foods tend to enhance the flavor of alcohol, so they are perfectly suited to be paired with beer and cocktails. This is why nuts and pretzels are a good investment for bars.

Doesn’t the salt make you drink more?

Most people assume that bars serve salty snacks because salt makes you thirsty, so you’ll order more drinks to wash the snacks down. However, this has been proven to be an old wives tale. Studies have indicated that salty foods don’t really make you thirstier than any other kind of food, so putting salty items on the bar doesn’t make you order more drinks to quench your thirst.

Which bar **snack wins** out as the best food?

Although it really comes down to a matter of personal preference, there is a reason to believe that nuts make a better accompaniment to at least one popular drink—beer. Beers have varying degrees of bitter flavors, depending on the brew. Nuts have the right blend of salt and fat to counteract that bitterness and help even people who are very sensitive to bitter tastes tip back a beer with ease. Of course, nut allergies are also a common issue, so pretzels edge out nuts in some areas.

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