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How to Talk to Your Friends about Being the Designated Driver

How to Talk to Your Friends about Being the Designated Driver

If you’re heading out for a night of fun at your local sports bar, don’t forget to arrange for a designated driver beforehand. The designated driver is the member of your party who abstains from drinking alcohol for the evening so that he or she will be able to safely drive everybody home at the end of the night. Whether you’re taking on this responsibility yourself or helping a friend with the task, you’ll find this quick guide helpful.

How to Decide on a Designated Driver

If you have a group of friends that goes out regularly, you might consider taking turns being the designated driver. You can also ask if there are any volunteers; there may be somebody in your group who wants to go out but doesn’t feel like drinking that night. Make sure you pick a person who is responsible and will take the role seriously.

What to Do If Your Friend Is the Designated Driver

If you’re out with a friend who is that night’s designated driver, make sure that this person will be available to drive everybody home at the same time—or in multiple trips, if anybody needs to leave early. Be sure that you have your friend’s contact information in the event that you become separated at some point during the night.

What to Do If You’re the Designated Driver

If you’re the designated driver for the evening, don’t assume that it means you can’t have any fun. You can still talk with your friends, watch the game, enjoy some appetizers, and do everything else you’d normally do during a night out other than drink. If you’re concerned that any of the people you’re with may try to pressure you to drink, order a virgin cocktail or a club soda with a lime slice.

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